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“Cry by the River” by DONSKOY

London based Russian indie singer/songwriter DONSKOY comes to us with the heartfelt and bittersweet gem that is “Cry by the River”. With this mesmerizing and honest blend of lyrics, melodies and emotions we are caressed by a friendly voice that understands the pain of heartbreak. As he tells his story, he motivates to find our peace and to find a place where we can let it all out. As he finds a warm and welcoming moment by the river, he lets his heart scream out and cry the pain away. We have all been there, in those moments in which we need to just let it all out. He gives us an understanding voice that knows this and shares his own moments of pain. It’s a beautiful experience to listen and see how the visuals compliment the soundscape creating a home not only for him but for us as well. So dive into this realm and cry your heart out because you deserve to heal and move forward. Enjoy!

Get the track: https://donskoy.lnk.to/CryByTheRiver


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