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“Indian Summer” by Yacht Punk

Indie rock band Yacht Punk come to us with a hauntingly inviting and down to earth must listen gem in their track, “Indian Summer”.  With the complementary visuals, the music video takes a unique and refreshing route as it is a finely tuned blend of classic vibes and contemporary touches that makes it all really stand out. The melodies and lyrics seem to connect the dots between rock, punk and some grunge allowing to really evoke the feelings and emotions that the verses hold within. The song shines without any hesitation as it provides us with a perfect addition to our playlists with something honest and real. Without a shadow of a doubt, the guys have created something worth listening and seeing with this music video. Enjoy!

“The video was shot entirely on a vintage Super 8 camera during the summer of 2018. Each roll of film only has 3.5 minutes of footage, so you have to be really precise with the shots, which I wasn’t. I wanted to capture an organic feeling of the end of summer and the nostalgia that goes along with it. I let a lot of my friends try it out and shoot whatever they wanted, so it kinda turned into a group project. We shot in Sequoia National Forrest, Venice Beach, and at a mansion a friend was house-sitting in Bel Air. Absolutely no magic mushrooms were involved in the making of this film.” 

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