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“I can’t be you” by Chersea

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Chersea comes to us with the mesmerizingly real and beautiful set of visuals for “I can’t be you”. With this expansion of the soundscape, she adds a special new layer that keeps on pushing the rawness and honesty of the lyrics letting us understand and feel understood. She dives into a world that most if not all know yet strangely try to hide from the world for we may be ashamed or scared of the looks. But she reminds us that we all fall and we all have the chance to get up and come out from any hole we may have fallen on. She gives us all a little push to finally see the reflection that was always waiting for us but we were too blinded to see. So dive into her lyrics and melodies and come out with a smile. Enjoy!

“… I can’t be… you”

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