“Loneliness” by Aaron Taos

Once more another gem from indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos, but this time around something more honest and insightful with “Loneliness”. With the pace of this track and the simplicity of the music video, he along with director Mike Curry have captured the beauty and reality of the lyrics perfectly. The track speaks to us all for it comes from a moment in time that comes to us through different routes and in different times, but it does come. He opens up and lets us see what dwells inside the artist and we get a peek at the human whose talent mesmerizes us all. Life is not always about the highs and sometimes we all hit some nasty lows, but he reminds that there are many more things and people around who are always in our corner. It’s a beautiful track that I can relate too and I am sure you will too. So let us chill for a while and just sit down as we close our eyes and let his soundscape take over. Enjoy!

“Loneliness” is a song I wrote when I was going through a really rough patch. I was in the midst of a bout of depression brought out by stagnation of my career and wasn’t really leaving the house. It was winter, which made things worse. What really helped me feel better was remembering that career/music isn’t everything and appreciating the relationships around me, specifically that of my girlfriend at the time. She was a shining light through my dark time, reminding me that as important as your goals are, connection and love is the foundation of feeling good and whole.


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