“Control” by Aaron Taos

Indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos continues to show me and the world why he is a must-see act and this time around he does so with the gem that is “Control”. He takes a uniquely different route to what we are used to with him and gets into the persona of the alien whose life we are seeing into. The visuals are fun and refreshing to see while the soundscape is exciting and one of a kind. In the end, the final product is a music video that rivals most of the big-name artists and it shows that the 14 hours (in a hot day in August … yikes!) he was in costume were more than worth it. Aaron is writing his name with permanent ink in the music industry and he personally is ready to grab the world by storm and be a must see/must listen artists in all the big-name festivals. So dive into his world and let him tell you another story about life, love and so much more. Enjoy!

“Control” is about the monotony and malaise of daily life in the suburbs. It’s about going through the motions day to day and falling in a pattern where you lose some agency… a “Truman Show” type situation.

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