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“The Right Place” by KOATES

London based indie rock band KOATES knows how to make a splash and they do so by delivering their latest single, “The Right Place”. The talented ensemble explores the ins and outs and how a relationship can sadly and sometimes inevitably turn toxic. It’s an honest reflection not only of their own experiences but ours as well as we may have been in that spot before or some may even be in it right now. The lyrics and melodies connect perfectly allowing the vocals to embrace the feelings and emotions going on in this soundscape allowing the listeners to dive deep without any hesitation. So listen, see your image looking at you and enjoy one hell of a must listen gem.

[su_quote cite=”KOATES”]’The Right Place’ is based on a relationship turning toxic. One day you can experience total happiness and euphoria, the next you hit rock bottom. That constant Ping-Pong effect: fight, make up sex, fight, make up sex, is what inspired the song. Just hoping that the toxicity would disappear and you could be in good place.[/su_quote]

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