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“White Rabbit” by Lauren Ruth Ward (Original by Jefferson Airplane)

Indie singer/songwriter/all-around indie rock goddess Lauren Ruth Ward brings to us mortal the delightful magic of her cover of “White Rabbit”. Originally played by one of the pioneers in Psychedelic Rock, Jefferson Airplane, the track is poetic, haunting and beautifully surreal while grasping something so real and so raw inside us. Lauren makes the track hers and allows her electric and unique vocals to connect with it on a personal level really letting feelings and emotions break through. With her the headphone or the speakers are not enough to hold her down, for her voice simply comes out and plays with our imagination, allowing us the vision of her and her band playing a show just for us. So close your eyes, listen carefully and allow this songstress to pull you into her soundscape. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Lauren Ruth Ward”]Grace Slick is the goddess of psych rock. There’s a movement happening right now in LA that I feel part of. So many women leading their own unique rock genre. I feel invincible singing Grace’s lyrics. I feel the palpable energy of all the musicians in the room when singing “White Rabbit”. It’s one of those songs that gives life.[/su_quote]

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