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“The Other Team” by UPSAHL

Indie singer/songwriter UPSAHL is already one of my favorite young artists out there and with her latest creation, she is sure to be yours. The talented artist has a bit more fun when it comes to this track and plays around the concept of unrequited love in a way that is playful yet realistic. “The Other Team” is about falling for someone, believing them to be the one, but then finding out that is not the case and to take it further you are not even playing in the same league. It’s fun and light-hearted making it inviting for the listeners and a few will actually feel connected to the story as it may have happened to them. There’s no shame in your game but at times we just don’t have what the other person is looking for in ways that are simply out of our hands. Laugh at the games of fate and accept the reality of things and move forward to someone who plays in your league. Enjoy!

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