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“Zombie Love” by Freedom Fry

If you have visited the site before then you know I am a sucker for Freedom Fry and you will too after listening to “Zombie Love”. The Halloween inspired gem pulls you in and gives you the right amount of romanticism and goosebumps. It’s playfully set up to allow the melodies make you want to sing along, tap your feet and whistle as they do. It’s an instant classic and shows the songwriting capacity that Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll have in them. So get into the mood of the season and fall in love with something supernatural. Enjoy!

Outside the realm of music:

I want to congratulate Marie and Bruce on their upcoming amazing joint effort that is adding a new title for them to cherish: PARENTS. Congratulations guys and may your baby be blessed with health, love and a passion for something (whatever it may be) as you have for music.


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