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“O.K. Fine” by Clover The Girl

Texas-based indie pop act Clover The Girl makes us all here in Texas proud with her powerful and inspiring creation, “O.K. Fine”. With Brianna leading the way with her voice the band shines through as melodies and lyrics come together and really hit where it needs to. The song speaks of the masks we put on as we at times tell everyone that we are ok, that we are fine when in reality we are not and need some shed of light to pull us out of the darkness we are falling into. Of course the song understands why we do that because we are scared of society and of all the so-called rules set in place that say we should not share, we should not be weak and apparently, we should always be fine. They want us to speak up and to make safe enough for everyone to feel supported if they decide to say that in reality they are not ok and need some help. So listen closely, pay attention, open your eyes to those that surround you and speak with them because they might need you or you might need them.

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