Brandon Jenner

Singer/songwriter Brandon Jenner brings to us a bittersweet yet beautiful gem with his latest track, “All I need is you”. With this track he makes us think of the little things and all the moments that come and go with those who matter most to us. He drew inspiration from an interview in which a parent showed frustration because he did not know if he said goodbye to his little girl, who sadly never came back home for she was taken away from him in a school shooting. This song really hit me and really made me think about life and the people that make be worth anything and it really questions if we really don’t have enough time in our days to say “I love you”, to say “goodbye”, to say “I’ll miss you”. He reminds us to cherish each and every second spent and to use our words carefully and make our words be meaningful. I was touched by the verses, the melodies and once I knew where the inspiration came from I personally had to let it sink in for it made me sad.

But there’s more beyond the sadness as the song carries a beautiful ray of hope and love that is refreshing to hear and to find. Thank you, Brandon, for creating a song that truly comes from a special place and that has it all to land where it matters most in us. So come with me all and let us enter into his soundscape and smile for life is great and love is everywhere. Enjoy!

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