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“Safe” by Olivia Grace

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Olivia Grace provides us with a down to earth and honest soundscape with her latest track, “Safe”. With this mesmerizing creation, she gives us Lana del Rey vibes while adding something unique and refreshing into the mix that makes her shine as bright as all the stars put together in the sky. She blends old school sounds, contemporary touches and a one of kind flavor of dark pop that is simply haunting to hear. With this track, the young and talented songstress opens up her heart and soul and we are pulled into a world that is familiar yet so beautifully unknown for our senses. She has crafted something surreal yet so human that it just blows you away as you take a sip of each note, each melody, and each verse. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Olivia Grace”]I wrote “Safe” while falling in love in a past relationship. At the time, it was thrilling and beautiful. There were so many new adventures. “Safe” is a really vulnerable, intimate song for me. It’s about a lot of different things— various stories woven together— but letting go and trusting the moment is a prominent theme throughout the song.[/su_quote]

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