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“Push for Yellow (Shelter)” by VALLEY

Canadian indie pop band Valley delivers their latest track, “Push for yellow (shelter)” and it is just beautiful. The band opens up and allow to explore what dwells inside them and while we do that we are taught that also lives in us. The track is introspective and carries something special and honest in its lyrics and melodies making the soundscape simply amazing to hear. They have created something that manages to stand out in the crowded scene of pop music and personally I believe they are here to stay if they continue to stay true to themselves and what lies inside each of their hearts. So enter their world, connect with the verses and just enjoy one hell of a song.

[su_quote cite=”VALLEY”]’Push for Yellow(Shelter)’ has been somewhat of a record word piece that we’ve repeatedly reminded ourselves of throughout the creative process. As much as this song talks about the want to escape from what you’re dealing with, it also touches upon the feeling of being stuck in the in-between, the feeling of not having the control to slow down-yet everything around you is constant noise to speed up. Sonically this song also means a lot to us. We sampled a lot of sounds we have collected throughout the past two years of travel, which are spaced throughout the rest of the album.[/su_quote]

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