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“NoNoh” by ORKID

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Matilda Melin aka ORKID continues to let the world that the Scandinavian countries have the formula to deliver the pop we need. She comes to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with her empowering and inspiring track, “NoNoh” and honestly this won’t be her last time here. The song melodies take advantage of her fantastic voice and her songwriting is both youthful and mature allowing us all to connect. She sings from the heart and really takes control of her love situation reminding us that only you can empower you or anyone else when it comes to who you love, who you date and so on. So take back was yours and say “…nonoh…” to anyone trying to give you some bullshit and make you waste your precious time. Enjoy this fantastic and inviting soundscape!

[su_quote cite=”ORKID”]’NoNoh’ is about that moment when you feel you’ve had enough of someone’s bullshit. Singing this song is literally a release for me. It’s an aggressive yet awesome feeling of strength. The song kind of speaks for itself; with the melodies and track combined, “NoNoh” gives you exactly that sense of self-empowerment[/su_quote]

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