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“Ophelia” by Roo Panes

UK based indie singer/songwriter Roo Panes comes to us with a new take on his track “Ophelia”, which can be found in his latest album, ‘Quiet Man’. He adds a few things to ensure a richer sound and from there the lyrics are able to transcend the limits of the speakers even more. His voice flows with ease beautifully carrying these verses and adding them together to tell a story as the melodies unfold right before our very eyes. You are bound to be hooked, inspired and reminded of the beauty, the magic and the passion that life has as we all take that gift and make it ours. He wants to us to understand that we all something valuable to give to the world and to go out there and do just that. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Roo Panes”]This song started off as a hum a number of years ago, and harks back to some of the more Celtic folk melodies I used to love. Ophelia was a famous heroine in Shakespeare’s play hamlet – a figure of tragedy and confusion – and it felt like the perfect motif and way in to telling the story I was singing about personally. It’s all about reminding someone that life’s a gift and they’ve got something to give, and about wanting to see them flourish.[/su_quote]

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