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“False Confidence” by Noah Kahan

Indie pop singer/songwriter Noah Kahan delivers an inspiring, thoughtful and honest musical creation with “False Confidence”. With this track, Noah draws inspiration from his personal adventure as he entered the music scene. He makes us feel understood and at ease for he shows a human side that is rarely seen in artists these days for he also lost himself to meet the expectation of others. Whether we want to accept it or not, we also do that at times when it comes to work, friends, partners and even family. He reminds us that in the end, we should seek for our confidence to be real and that only comes from being true to yourself and remember to smile and not take yourself too seriously all the time. So connect with this amazing soundscape and enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Noah Kahan”]‘False Confidence’ is a song I wrote when I felt like I was trying too hard to be what I thought an artist should be, instead of who I was. I felt like I was losing my identity in trying to reach for some unattainable picture of a successful person; confident, polished, secure. I wrote ‘False Confidence’ to remember not to take myself so seriously.[/su_quote]

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