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Yoe Mase

New York-based indie artist Yoe Mase delivers heartfelt, haunting and mesmerizing blends of lyrics and melodies. He differentiates himself from the rest as he crafts soundscapes that connect electronica and pop perfectly and in a refreshing manner. His voice flows like silk with an incredible ease as it gives the lyrics and the melodies meaning and life becoming immediate hits. Not only that, but he shows a maturity that seems beyond his years but when it comes to music his tracks show that they are made to go head to head with the best.

This talented artist takes the genres that influenced him and develops his own brand of sound that is distinctively his and so inviting. our senses are left with a need, a want for more of his music and more of his verses to tell us a story and pull us into a soundscape of his creation. Honestly, he was a welcomed surprise and knowing that his sophomore album is already in the pre-order phase got me really excited. So come in with me and let’s explore what’s to come in the career of an artist whose name I highly recommend to remember. Enjoy!

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