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“I can’t be you” by Chersea

Canadian indie pop singer/songwriter Chersea opens up her heart and soul and lets us take a peek inside with her latest single, “I can’t be you”. The Vancouver based artist lets melodies and lyrics come together and speak of love, heartache and paint a picture that may seem familiar to many of us. She speaks of a time where all that matter was what the heart wanted even though it knew it was no good, she speaks of something that whether we like it or not most of us know. We can connect the dots and embrace the soundscape for it can be seen as ours as well. The heart can be blind at times and who we are may get lost, but life is like that and how we grow and learn from these moments is what makes our future. So listen carefully, sway softly from side to side, let a tear drop down your cheek and smile as you enjoy a humanly honest and bittersweet musical creation.

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