UK based indie singer/songwriter Stealth delivers a powerful and heartfelt modern must listen gem of romanticism with his latest, “Truth is”. For the music video for this track, he partners us with director Ryan Saradjola and together they bring us something fun and utterly inviting. The visuals and the melodies partner up perfectly becoming one and really capturing the magic of the lyrics and of his heartfelt vocals. He allows each word to dance around the notes and pull us in as it all unfolds right before our very eyes and something wonderful takes shape and form. So enter into the world this partnership has created and enjoy a truly one of a kind musical gem.

Fun Fact: “Truth is” can be found in the latest video game installment of the massively successful Fifa franchise by EA Sports.

[su_quote cite=”Stealth”]All my videos to date have been pretty dark and moody so with this video we wanted to be a little more light hearted. That’s when Ryan Saradjola at WMA came to me with the speed dating idea and I loved it! Essentially it’s two people who have such a connection that they have to be together while everyone else is trying to pull them apart… that’s the whole point of the song. It’s about finding someone and telling them that when it boils down to it, you can’t spend a moment without them.[/su_quote]

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