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Hippo Campus

Indie pop band Hippo Campus explores another side of life and relationships with their latest must listen gem “Bambi”. The guys go beyond what we typically know about and educate us a bit about what goes on the other side of friendships when the person has to worry about their mental health. It is a refreshing and honestly eye-opening experience as the soundscape is soothing enough to allow us to pay attention and really capture the beauty and truth behind the verses. The song is a one of a kind welcomed showcase of humanity that takes a different route from the rest and in there finds something powerful to share. So pay attention and just listen as each sentence becomes one with the melodies and teaches us something new. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus”]’Bambi’ was the last song added to the record and potentially the most elusive. We wrote the original idea in our practice space with a drum machine, op-1, guitar and rhodes. We sat with session for several months before we had the major melodic breakthroughs. The lyrics deal with the challenges of being a friend to those around you when your mental health is getting in the way.”[/su_quote]

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