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Dana and the Wolf

Dana and the Wolf have just delivered what can practically be labeled as my official favorite song of 2018 with their latest gem, “Attitude”. The track is simply just amazing and so powerful in its visual and lyrical approach that after it’s over you just want to hear over and over again. It is going to remind you of all that needs to be done in order to reach your goals and make all those dreams you have a reality. They understand there’s hard work, time and dedication needed in order to make it happen and honestly I am glad they remind everyone of that because at times we worry too much about the immediate reward and forget the actual goal takes a bit more. Dana and the Wolf can officially be labeled as my inspiration for this year and other future plans, thank you guys for such an amazing musical masterpiece. So everyone else, get inspired with and lets dive into their one of a kind soundscape together. Enjoy!

Fun fact: The guys teamed up with VERO for this amazing music video and it serves as a way to show the support of this new social media player for the arts and the up and coming talent.

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