“Gun” by BATTS

Australian indie singer/songwriter BATTS comes to us with her latest single, “Gun”, which is going to be part of her upcoming debut album (early 2019). With this soft and haunting work of fiction, the talented artist embraces a facet of herself that is refreshing to hear in her work. She allows her capacity to write stories to become one with her lyrical approach and there this soundscape is born. We are pulled into something out of the ordinary and so refreshingly surreal yet so down to earth and in touch with the rawness of reality. She embraces the lyrics and melodies and allows her voice to add that extra touch to make them great. Enter her world along with me and let us fall for her latest creation. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Tanya Batt aka BATTS”]I wasn’t feeling inspired by my own life, and didn’t feel any urge to become self-destructive like I had in younger years to create. I remembered how much I loved to write stories as a child, and thought I’d start writing fictional stories into songs, and creating the music to set the vibe and world around it.[/su_quote]

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