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Grace Carter

UK based singer/songwriter Grace Carter delivers a live rendition of her track “Why Her Not Me” via Vevo DSCVR’s platform and she nails every second of it. The track is perfectly served to us as the finest tune you’ll hear today and her voice embraces each emotion through each second of it. The soundscape is filled with a fire that is refreshing and mesmerizing to find in today’s music scene and she gives hope to us all that music will continue pushing forward. The track serves as a plea for an explanation, a reason, a why things went the way they did and why she was made to feel the pain. It is a reflection of us all when things turn sour out of nowhere and we are left will all the pain without any knowledge as to why. So enter her world, pay close attention, see yourself and sing along with her letting all your pain leave your body and soul. Enjoy!

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