“Youth” by Harlequin Gold

Canadian indie-pop duo Harlequin Gold (Avery O’Brien & Elle O’Brien) arrive for the first time to Wolf in a Suit and I am already sure it won’t be their last time. Their latest track, “Youth” is absolutely amazing in every aspect for it contains mature lyrics, soothing and inviting melodies, and the vocals are just beyond words. The track manages to truly capture the reality of what it means to grow up and understand that some of the things you did before are no longer acceptable. It’s a gentle yet bittersweet reminder that it is time to take another step and to move on to something more, hopefully, better if you put your heart and soul into it. So listen to the masterfully crafted soundscape these talented sisters have set up for us. Enjoy!

“Youth” is about transitioning out of the antics and drama of being young. How it’s a bittersweet process that can be extremely healthy but also difficult to grapple with in a culture that puts so much value on being young.

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