“We are fire” by Sarah MacDougall

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Sarah MacDougall does it once more and delivers a powerful and haunting musical gem for the modern masses. Her latest single “We are fire” carries in its melodies and lyrics a wide range of feelings and emotions that speak from her heart and soul and allow it to land directly within us. She embraces the simple fact that we all have the right to live our lives and choose our paths in this adventure that is only ours to write about. She accepts something unique and different from what she is used to and finds a connection in the fire that burns inside all of us. Within her verses I found a connection and so will you, just pay close attention and really allow this soundscape to surge through you. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Sarah MacDougall”]I wrote ‘We Are Fire’ for my friend who identifies as non binary. I was inspired by their story and though I myself don’t identify that way, I have always felt uncomfortable with labels and dualities in many parts of my own life. This song is a homage to those brave enough to break the boxes,[/su_quote]

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