“More than friends” by ASHS

Indie pop singer/songwriter ASHS delivers a powerful and honest musical creation with her latest track, “More than friends”. In this gem, she invites us to understand that love is not always in the cards at the moment and we are not always searching. She was not searching for anything and therefore nothing was going to happen, she accepted this and so should the other person. It’s about understanding that relationships don’t always have to turn romantic, they can just be friendly and that’s it. Her lyrical approach is mature and honest, while her melodies are playful and inviting creating a must listen soundscape for music lovers. Enter her world, connect with it and enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”ASHS”]I wrote ‘More Than Friends’ in a strange transitionary period. My mind was messy and confused about someone I had just met, and I was filled with conflicting emotions on whether I wanted to indulge in that person or not. In this writing session, the lyrics flowed out so quickly and effortlessly that I took it as a message from my subconscious to stay away from him. When creating this song with my producer (Gustav Nystrom), I wanted the production to be a playful juxtaposition to the lyrics. I felt like the music should reflect the confidence and attitude I was feeling at the time.[/su_quote]

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