“Innocent” by PLYA

UK based indie pop band PLYA just know how to deliver melodies and lyrics that tell stories that ring true just like their latest gem, “Innocent”. They explore the many facets of life and from there build up a blend of lyrics and melodies that come together into a perfectly inviting soundscape. The track is refreshingly unique and outside the realm of what is typically being heard nowadays for it comes from their hearts and souls and not a need to fit in. In this approach, they set their brand of sound and songwriting allowing the listeners to really feel and embrace the entirety of this soundscape. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Julia – Vocals for PLYA (pronounced “ply-ah,” Spanish for “beach”)”]’Innocent’ is about the nostalgia of looking back at purer times from a place filled with imperfections. I was obsessed with the idea of people’s innocence being consumed by the systematic and dark underbelly of a city, which is hidden just beneath it’s glittery surface.[/su_quote]

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