“The only way out is through” by Willolux

Kristina Emmott aka Willolux does it once more and delivers a masterpiece of modern music that goes beyond what the rest are doing. With “The only way out is through” she explores the concepts of depression and love in a way that is honest, human and so in touch with reality that it makes you think and really ask questions. She does this with the utmost care and passion not only for her craft but for the topic in question really allowing us to connect and understand the feelings and emotions going through the lyrics and melodies. She truly delivers on the promise of adding something new and powerful to music. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Willolux”]This song is about loving someone who struggles with depression. How much can you give before you are coming on too strong? How much should you accommodate? How do you not take it personally if they are distant?[/su_quote]

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