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“All night” by Closed Doors

All you music loving pop addicted listeners be ready for something amazing with the debut of Norwegian duo, Closed Doors. The guys deliver brilliant electro-pop melodies and mature and easy to connect with lyrics making “All night” a must. There’s something so real, so romantic and bittersweet that is so in touch with the reality of what love at times can be. The sounds dance playfully from note to note setting the right mood for the voice to enter the center stage and bring it all home as lyrics and emotions become one and the soundscape encompasses every single one of our senses. There’s no denying that we are listening to something special and capable of really delivering a unique and refreshing sound to pop once more. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Closed Doors”]The song is based on the frustration that someone feels about how much they want to work for the relationship to work out, but the other party being indecisive and hard to deal with in a situation that is already messed up. The plot builds upon a relationship that has been good, but is starting to see it’s darker days.[/su_quote]

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