“Steps” by Leah Nobel

Nashville based indie singer/songwriter Leah Nobel takes a unique and refreshing route to songwriting and from that gives us gold. With her latest track, she was inspired by the real-life story of Fabrice and Fiona, brother and sister, and Rwandan refugees now living in the US who went through so much that their experiences make the song so much more powerful. “Steps” is simply wonderful, human and so real from beginning to end that it captures your attention immediately and adds a needed sense of connection and understanding with the world that surrounds us all. She comes to us from a place that was real and palpable to Fabrice and Fiona and many others who shared in their experience giving us the chance to feel and cry with them. We are taken out of our comfort zone and our reality is shaken up, but we need this to step out of the nonsense to become human once more. Listen to this masterpiece and enjoy!

How do we soften when life has made us bitter? How do we forgive when bad things happen to us?

Sing along to “Steps”:

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