“Never wanna dance” by Visc.

Indie pop-rock singer/songwriter Visc. delivers the perfect track for all us who really don’t like or want to dance with his latest single, “Never wanna dance”. With this song, he talks about all those annoying things that you can see as you are sitting down and everyone is moving and grooving all around. From the kid that tries to sing along, to the exaggerated moves by some and the lack of space that seems to be going on in the dancefloor. But as the song progresses the firm no to an invitation to dance at the beginning changes and by the end he implies that if asked he just might say yes because it’s all about having a little bit of fun while there’s a chance. Personally, I loved the fact that even though the track is called “Never wanna dance”, the melody is actually so fun and inviting and makes your body want to move from the very first second. So enter the dancefloor…or don’t, I mean it’s up to you, but whatever you decide I am sure you’ll enjoy this must listen gem.

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