“All I want to hear you say” by Sea Girls

It should be clear by now that I have become a huge fan of the talented guys of Sea Girls and they truly never disappoint, say hello to “All I want to hear you say”. With this latest gem, the guys continue to show that as I have mentioned before, there’s something in the water in the UK that makes music so much sweeter and amazing when created. The band has done it once more and really set a fantastic indie rock soundscape in place for us all to dive into. The track allows the instruments to shine while also letting Henry showcase his range really adding emotions to the verses bringing it all together in a must listen gem. So just relax your body and let their melodies take over as you jump into their world. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Henry Camamile – Singer/songwriter for Sea Girls”]There’s this common problem where we all measure ourselves by how other people perceive us, and that desire for others to want and respect you. You need to respect yourself first though. You can’t wait for the approval of someone else, and that’s the message we want to portray here in, All I Want To Hear You Say.[/su_quote]

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