“Fall through” by Chris Noah

Latvian based indie pop singer/songwriter Chris Noah brings to us a mesmerizing and honest track with his latest single, “Fall Through”. In this gem, he speaks from the heart and delivers a track that understands the heart and the excitement that is born once the hope for love appears once more while understanding that there might be an expiration date. He allows his voice to really embrace the emotions felt and makes us feel not only understood but also in a way motivates us to look beyond this excitement and this moment into what could be in the future with this person or anyone else. While the track is bittersweet in its lyricism, it also is inviting and inspiring in it. He really delivers something needed, wanted and much welcomed to the pop scene. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Chris Noah”]Fall through definitely differs from other songs I’ve written. It’s about the Illusion people get while meeting someone new, while still getting over a past relationship. At first you feel the excitement, but deep down you know, you’ll have to end it.[/su_quote]

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