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“Young at heart” by Milo Greene

Indie pop/rock band Milo Greene comes to us with a splendid and uniquely soothing track with their latest single, “Young at heart”. The guys set up a soundscape that flows with ease through the airwaves allowing Marlana Sheetz to bring it all together with her voice and add that special touch to it all. They have given us something refreshing and I for one am really thankful to get to listen to a track that does justice to what pop is meant to be. The three of them hit the mark and the song is inspiring, fun and hooks you instantly making you simply one to enjoy it over and over again.

[su_quote cite=”Milo Greene”]’Young at Heart’ was the very first song we wrote on day #1 in Nashville, essentially kickstarting what would become Adult Contemporary. We were all strewn across Bill Reynolds’ studio floor experimenting with guitar pedals and synth patches, just enjoying making noise together. We had taken some time off ahead of that trip, so ‘Young at Heart’ was really the catalyst to the collaborative approach we applied to the entire album. It felt very much like one of our first writing trips together in 2010, and the lyrics naturally ended up speaking to that.[/su_quote]

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