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L Devine

Fron Newcastle comes the latest indie pop artist that will blow you away, say hello to L Devine and her ‘Heathers’ inspired music video for “Peer Pressure”. With this mature and inviting track, she explores the pressure we put on ourselves to not only fit in but to also stay true to who we are. The song takes on a unique route that is refreshing and welcomed as she takes the issue at hand and creates a story around it that seems more in touch with the reality of it. She does not dwell in extremes but understands that they are possible, she instead reminds us that we all feel a necessity to connect with the world around us. Whether we like it or not, we want to fit in and feel at ease with our surroundings and this at times can be stressful. So pay attention to the visuals and the soundscape and let it connect with you as you dive into this world she has created. Enjoy!

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