Pale Waves

UK based indie pop band Pale Waves bring a wonderful and mesmerizing tale of growing up, falling in love and being young with their latest music video. Led by Heather Baron-Gracie the band creates one of the most distinct and inviting brands of pop that can be found in the music scene nowadays. It is clear that this talented ensemble is bound for greatness as they continue to hit the spot with each and every song. You can see that they put passion, time and their own personal memories and stories to create everlasting blends of melodies and lyrics. “Eighteen” is no different and with the addition of the visuals, it makes for a one of kind memorable experience for all the senses to enjoy. So make sure to remember their name, add them to your playlists and enjoy this must listen masterpiece.

I was eighteen when I met you
Poured my heart out, spilt all my truth
I finally felt like I could feel for the first time
When I met you

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