“Lovers in another life” by Matthew Perryman Jones

Indie singer/songwriter Matthew Perryman Jones delivers a beautiful and mesmerizing tale of love that really takes romanticism to a whole new level. “Lovers in another life” is without a doubt one of those tracks that really captivates you and pulls you immediately. The story that takes shape and form is hauntingly real yet filled with fantasy in a way that is refreshing and one of a kind. The voice dances through the melodies and notes as if creating a soundscape that is timeless and everlasting uniting the old and the new. Matthew lets his voice roam free and become one with the verses of this marvelous song. Personally, as I heard the song I just closed my eyes and I was transported to another world (one that only lives in his lyrics). So I recommend you do the same and listen carefully for there’s something magical in this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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