Matt Millz

Indie singer/songwriter Matt Millz delivers one of the most inspiring and beautiful tracks I’ve heard in a while with the gem that is “My World”. He has created the perfect song for fathers to dedicate to their daughters and to really filled with hope and joy the hearts of those who are not there yet, but one day will. The song does not go wrong in any way and really allows us to see the heart and soul of the singer and his co-writer Nygel Asselin (who also stars in the video with his little girl. The track comes from a place of real emotions and speaks of something that is palpable and at the reach of us all if we so desire. Personally, it really touched me for I one day hope to have someone in my arms so little and delicate yet so powerful that they change my view of the world completely. Thank you to both Matt and Nygel for this refreshing and magical soundscape that is going to stay with me. So you who reads this, really listen and enjoy this beauty.

“…the man that I used to be, has fallen away. You’ve made me the father, that I am today”

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