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“Need your love” by Strandels

Siblings Tova and Sixten Strandell aka Strandels come to us for the first time with something precious and truly mesmerizing in their latest single “Need your love”. The talented pair hail from Sweden and they continue on the trend of amazing pop music from the Scandinavian region. With their track, they deliver honest and haunting romanticism that could serve as a plea for forgiveness or as an amazing declaration of what dwells within your heart. The balance each other out beautifully as the melodies and vocals flow hand in hand in a unison manner making the soundscape marvelous and memorable. There’s something so classic and dance-worthy about it that your body can’t help, you just have to move to the sweet rhythm as the voice creates a story to dive into. They are an act that gets you excited and really makes you want more and more. One of the best recent singles I’ve heard and worthy of being called a must listen gem without a doubt. Enjoy!

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