Max Frost

Once more Max Frost shines and really delivers on a silent promise that the music scene keeps on giving us all, and that is a promise of greatness, which he delivers. His latest single “Eleven Days” is a bittersweet tale of love, heartbreak and how it all can change in an instant and come at you out of nowhere. He really sets a mood with the blend of visuals and melodies that is refreshing and in touch with reality yet also managing to feel out of this world and so personal to him. His vocals dance between pop and R&b setting a pleasant soundscape that really hits home. It’s a personal and honest union of lyrics and vocals that capture the feelings and emotions perfectly allowing us to live, breath and visualize this universal story. So enter his world and enjoy this must listen gem as I have.

[su_quote cite=”Max Frost”]Last year I took a trip to London for 3 weeks to chase a girl I barely knew…I thought I was in love with this girl I had never even met in person. Long story short…I realized she was fake and that it wasn’t gonna work out. This was only a week into the trip…I was stuck. I didn’t want to be there. And even though I was the one who ended it with the girl, I still walked around for the next two weeks in a state of heartbreak and in a drunken stooper. The strange thing about traveling the world is you feel like you could almost be anywhere. You look at time zones and see how its only 5am at home as you’re eating a late lunch. Or how, if you were in Hong Kong, the sun would have long gone down. Time becomes lucid. This song is about being trapped in “the in-between.” This song is about going across the world to break your own heart. It’s about being a ghost in a faraway place that doesn’t seem real.[/su_quote]

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