“A dandelion flower actually owns two faces. one, a bright light yellow and the other, a delicate white puff, gentle to yer touch. love to me is like a dandelion. each time it fades away… it grows back to dance with you, time after time.“

Jesse Jo Stark

Hauntingly talented and beautiful singer/songwriter Jesse Jo Stark comes to us with a perfect blend of visuals and melodies that is sure to stay with you. She lets the world see the magic that dwells within the lyrics through a mesmerizing music video that strangely showcases the song perfectly. There’s something so classic and so contemporary about her indie rock sound that is just one of a kind and beautiful. Jesse continues to take all necessary steps to let her inner music goddess come out and see light as each song served up has the capacity of becoming everlasting. Allow her into your heart, your soul and let her soundscape take a hold of your senses and transport to the ethereal magnificence of her music video. Enjoy!

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