From Canada come the identical twin sisters Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris aka Fionn and they bring their honest and mature songwriting with them.  The talented and down to earth pair explore their lives and what surrounds them as they grow into the stars they are bound to be. They speak of love, life, relationships and the many things that come at them from all directions allowing them to create soundscapes that feel personal and real to not just them, but to us as well. They let the lyrics take shape and form in an organic and truthful fashion that really grabs you and the harmonies created by the voice signing in unison is something so special that you even feel goosebumps.

The sisters are ready, willing and able to reach a height that only a few can. They are supernovas of talent that not only create amazing soundscapes but also allow you to feel something deep within with each listen. They have won my playlist, my heart and I am a fan of them. So come with me and enter the world they have created and patiently wait with as their debut album is on its way. Enjoy!

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