Her Brothers

Levi, Josh, and Gabe Penner aka Her Brothers arrive for the first time to Wolf in a Suit and they are already leaving a mark on me. Their latest music video for their song “Human” is hands down amazing and a perfect addition to what indie pop can offer. The track explores who we at times push ourselves too much and forget that in end we are only human and in our weaknesses and limitations beauty can be found as well. It reminds us to understand each other and to embrace the fact that we are all in this adventure call life together. While we may all be writing our own books about what we see and experience, we are always connected in one way or another. It’s a genuine and inviting soundscape that personally has the capacity to make us feel at ease and understood. Truly a must listen gem that you are sure to enjoy.

[su_quote cite=”Gabe Penner – Her Brothers”]Human wrestles with what it means to actually be human, “Especially when it comes to social media, everyone is trying to create a perfect image of themselves—we do it as a band—and the pernicious nature of 1s and 0s has crept into how I think of humanity many times.[/su_quote]

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