“Crash” by Sara Diamond

Indie pop singer/songwriter Sara Diamond delivers a modern-day masterpiece that takes the curious human mind and gives it a story of an adventure. “Crash” is set in motion perfectly by electro-pop melodies that carry in them a bit of soul and r&b making a stand out addition to what the music scene currently offers. Sara gives her voice freedom to roam and explore how the track can unfold and grow verses by verse as each note is reached. The track is without a doubt beautiful and refreshing to hear for it does not simply fall into the romance realm, but it can serve as self-exploratory or simply connect to the unknown of life. It is a welcomed and mesmerizing soundscape that shines brighter than the sun and really delivers on what we hope to find in the music scene of today. So pay careful attention and really listen to what she is saying because you’ll be blown away. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Sara Diamond”]Crash is about curiosity. It’s about the universe. It’s about whomever and wherever your journey leads you to. Crash led me to love. [/su_quote]

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