[su_quote cite=”Daniella Mason”]’Human’ was born out of an experience last year where I was working constantly, keeping my head down, clocking 90 hour weeks. My husband always had the perfect timing of poking his head into my studio and asking me to dinner or simply sitting with me as I worked, and that human connection would always shake me from my work trance. One night I said to him, ‘You remind me that I’m not a machine.’ I wrote it down because I knew it would come back around. And as it usually unfolds, the song ended up having an even deeper meaning because it tells the larger story of how we’ve both become so much more alive, so much more human, because we decided to be vulnerable with each other. Neither of us are naturally inclined to be that way, so our daily choice to expose the things we’re tempted to hide is truly the most beautiful of all of the journeys we’ve been on together.[/su_quote]

Daniella Mason

Through a beautiful blend of visuals and melodies, Daniella Mason delivers one of the most amazing tracks I’ve heard this year. “Human” is poetic, honest and in touch with the reality that now seems to surround us and pulls us in through that magical yet down to earth blend. There’s something within this lyrics that instantly connects with me as I at times stay up late writing and writing about the new songs, new ideas and so much more and then I feel a hand caress mine and look to the side to see my wife smiling at me. She reminds me of the beauty and warmth of being human, as her husband does for Daniella. The song invites the listeners to step away from the screens that are all around us and simply live a little with the people that really make life worthwhile. So listen, smile as I did and enjoy one hell of a soundscape.

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