“Liquor Store” by Anna Shoemaker

Indie singer/songwriter Anna Shoemaker embraces the most human aspects that reside in us and from them has created her gem “Liquor Store”. The track has something about it that hits you as it embraces the pain and the hurt that can be felt after a breakup. She serves this in a way that can be relatable to anyone no matter the cause, because she knows pain can be felt for various reason and invites us to let our feelings see the light. If you want to break down a cry on the floor, go ahead and do it in a space that is only yours and do it for as long as you need. The heart heals, but we all need different times and different cures to make sure its ready to move on. Listen, connect and know that she understands what you are going through and that in her song you can find a shoulder to lean on. Enjoy!

“This was my first time writing a song with another person (my friend Jesse Fink). I usually write alone from a pretty vulnerable place so learning to do that with someone else was cool. Jesse sent me a voice note he had come up with and I was into it so we finished it up together on FaceTime. I’m a big believer in feeling your feelings. If you’re hurting, you need to let yourself hurt otherwise it’s just going to be trapped up inside you. If you need to lay on the floor and cry for an hour in order to move on and get over it, that’s what you need to do.”

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