“Let Go” by KidEyes

Indie rock duo KidEyes deliver their double-sided debut single featuring “Let Go” and “Love Better” and I am over the moon. The guys deliver a soundscape that is reminiscent of the early 00’s but also manages to stay in touch with the contemporary sound in a way that is refreshing and much welcomed. I am proud and humbled to premiere one of this gems, the indie rock masterpiece that is “Let Go”. With this track, you are bound to feel and really dive into the sea of emotions that dwell in the melodies and lyrics that make it up. It is one of those powerful anthems that speak directly to our hearts and our souls in a way that makes you fall down to your knees and simply breath in all the mesmerizing magic that comes from it. So just sit down, let go of all you know and enjoy a track made to put this duo in the radar of every music lover around.

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