[su_quote cite=”Joel Baker”]Harder to Fall is a song about it becoming harder and harder to fall in love after going through knocks & bruises along the way “I broke my heart and it healed back different”. You put your guard up more “there’s four armies in my heart all leading the resistance”, one for each chamber. You start to become desensitized “sad stories on the news don’t move me”. The song is a cry for help to start feeling again and experience that love and emotion that was once so familiar.[/su_quote]

Joel Baker

UK based indie singer/songwriter Joel Baker explores the inner works of the heart and how at times it can become and harder to feel and to love. “Harder to fall” is a masterfully crafted musical soundscape that envelops you fully and shows an understanding rarely seen of the soul. He accepts that we are flawed and that at times to protect ourselves and our feelings we make it harder and hard to open up, to smile and to simply let love in. It might have been due to all the times it broke, experiences in life, broken promises and all the lies that seem to come on a daily basis but above all of this, he shows hope. There’s a ray of light that lets us know he wants more and we should as well because the past should not always dictate what the future holds. So enter his world, pay attention, smile, be brave and live as best as you can. Enjoy!

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