Winnie Ford

Winnie Ford once more meets and exceeds our expectations as she delivers an honest and bittersweet track about the aftermaths of love. With “Breadcrumbs” she speaks of what happens after, it always seems easy to forget in movies and in songs, but she knows that moving on is not that simple. She uses the concept of the breadcrumbs as symbols to those little things that remain that make it hard and even bittersweet to let go. I am sure we can all see a glimpse of a reflection of ourselves or at least of someone we know and that makes this track so easy to connect and relate with. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Winnie Ford”]bread·crumb·er ˈbredˌkrəm/ ər noun An ex who broke your heart but continues to trail you along through a series of Instagram likes, Snapchat’s and/or drunk texts beginning with phrases like “hey stranger” or “this reminded me of you”.[/su_quote]

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