“Charley” by Aubrey Haddard

Indie singer/songwriter Aubrey Haddard delivers perfection in the amazing blend of vintage rock melodies and contemporary lyricism that is “Charley”. The electrifying and mesmerizing songstress embraces her old soul and lets it roam freely through her music. She finds a balance between the sounds and the vocals that is simply otherworldly and truly makes her an act to be on the lookout for. Her song is playfully youthful yet mature thus adding a capacity to it that is rare, and that is being to connect with the young and the old. Personally, I think she is brilliant and her voice is one that could captivate the masses in an instant as she really is in touch with reality and life. I am blown away and without a doubt hooked by her sound. So enter her soundscape and be free within it. Enjoy!

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